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18 May 2018

Sergey Belosheev (Сергей Белошеев) wins Thailand Open 2018. His last game against Nurguyana Azarova ended in a draw in a few minutes.

9 May 2018


From left to right: Macodou Ndiaye, Natalia Shestakova and Sergey Belosheev. 

Of course Macodou Ndiaye is the favorite to win the tournament, but there are two big outsiders. One of them is Sergey Belosheev from Russia, the former world champion 8x8 Russian. He played only two 10x10 tournaments and didn't loose even one game. He seems to be unbeatable, see Toernooibase. The other is Natalia Shestakova, who has participated many times in Thailand Open. Natalia doesn't have a very big rating, but one can call her a real giant killer. She once defeated Schwarzman and Ndjofang, the numbers 1 and (former) 2 of the world. Not so many draught players can tell that.
So Macodou can wet his chest, as the Dutch say.

8 May 2018

In three days the tournament will start with not so many participants. Among them, there are ten Thai players (two female) and the organisation is glad with their participation.

13 March 2018

Here is the provisional list of participants, two months before the tournament starts. More players are welcome!

3 January 2018

Announcement of the tournament director

More events for Thailand Open 2018 (11-18 May)!
Today, Thailand Open events are being expanded with the organization of the WorldCup of the International Drafts Committee of the Disabled (IDCD).
That is an organization that deals with organizing tournaments for disabled draftsmen. The basis for this is in Poland, with Leszek Petlicki as the main engine. They organize tournaments in various countries. Until now, this was limited to Eastern bloc countries, but they now want to spread their wings to other continents, starting with Thailand Open.
See the announcement and website of this organization on the link below.

In addition, we are talking with the Russian Draughtsfederation 64.
The plan is to organize a WorldCup tournament for Rapid and Blitz in collaboration with them. In this way, international contacts are further strengthened and it is a nice promotion for draughts in general.
If all goes well, we will have no fewer than six draughts events in Thailand in a week's time!
Of course we also have the Dubai tour prior to the tournaments (4-9 May) and, after the event, two days of shopping or excursions in Bangkok (20-21 May).
If you want more information or to register for one of these events, then an e-mail to me is sufficient. and 6-33667244

Nog meer evenementen voor Thailand Open 2018 (11-18 mei)!
Vandaag worden de evenementen van Thailand Open uitgebreid met de organisatie van de WorldCup van de International Draughts Committee of the Disabled (IDCD).
Dat is een organisatie die zich bezighoudt met het organiseren van toernooien voor gehandicapte dammers. De basis hiervan is in Polen gevestigd, met Leszek Petlicki als belangrijkste motor. Ze organiseren toernooien in diverse landen. Tot nu toe was dat beperkt gebleven tot Oostbloklanden, maar ze willen nu de vleugels uitslaan naar andere continenten, om te beginnen met Thailand Open.
Zie de aankondiging en website van deze organisatie op onderstaande link.

Daarnaast zijn we in gesprek met de Russische dambond van dammen op de 64 velden.
Het plan is om in samenwerking met hen, tijdens Thailand Open ook een WorldCup toernooi voor Rapid en Blitz te organiseren. Op die manier worden de internationale contacten verder versterkt en het is een mooie promotie voor het dammen in het algemeen.
Als het goed is zullen we in Thailand dus maar liefst zes dam-evenementen hebben in een week tijd!
Natuurlijk hebben we ook voorafgaand aan de damtoernooien ook weer de Dubai-tour (4-9 mei) en na de damevenementen nog tweedagen shoppen of excursies in Bangkok (20-21 Mei)
Wilt u meer informatie of inschrijven voor één van deze evenementen, dan is een mailtje naar mij voldoende. en 06-33667244.


2 January 2018

Announcement of the tournament director

14th Thailand Open 11-18 May 2018

We hereby invite you cordially to experience it! Also this time we have tried to make the participants as happy as possible. Due to the large crowds on the international tournament calendar, Thailand Open is scheduled for next year so that it does not coincide with any other international tournament. This makes it very easy to combine with Salou Open (20-28 May) and the WorldCup tournament in Hungary (20 May-6 June). For the fanatics there is no obstacle in that respect, to play both Thailand Open and Salou Open or Thailand Open and WorldCup Hungary Open.

Also in 2018 the Thailand Open events will start with a tour to Dubai. Departure on Friday 4 May to Dubai, where we will stay until Wednesday 9 May. Then with the same ticket the journey continues towards Thailand, where we will arrive on Thursday, May 10, one day before the opening ceremony of Thailand Open will begin.
The tournament will, just like this year, be held at the Splendid Resort in Jomtien.
Of course you can see for yourself which event of Thailand Open you want to participate!

The program for the events of Thailand Open 2018 is as follows:
May 4-May 9 Dubai tour
May 11-May 18 Thailand Open
19 May Thailand Open Rapid Championship
May 20-21 Bangkok
The complete program will soon be posted.
For any urgent questions or comments, please contact me:

2 December 2017

From 11 till 18 May 2018 there will be the 14th Edition of the international draughts tournament THAILAND Open in Jomtien, a nice tourist village just at the beach. Information and inscriptions:

This year the location of Thailand Open is the Splendid RESORT, in the very neighbourhood of the well known Jomtien Garden Hotel, where Thailand Open was held 11 times. 

Also the opening of the tournament is in the
Splendid RESORT (so not in Tulip House) on Friday 11 May 19.00 o'clock. We expect there all the participants on time, so that we can make the pairings for the first round. 
Address: 75/216 Moo 12 Jomtien Sai Nueng Road Banglamung Nongprue Chonburi 20260, Thailand.
Telephone: +66 38 756 534

The group of participants in 2016

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