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Photograph: Chenchira van Dusseldorp

15 May 2016

Ivan Trofimov wins Thailand Open 2016.

14 May 2016

Macodou N'Diaye won the rapid tournament. Results: see Toernooibase.

13 May 2016

Amara Keita is the new runner up. Today he won his game from Fidele Nimbi. Keita doesn't have a 'draw problem', because he won six games, lost two and no draws. Tomorrow there is a rapid tournament. Sunday is the last round of the main tournament.
Ivan Trofimov won the blitz tournament. Results: see Toernooibase.

12 May 2016

Ivan Trofimov won again and will probably win Thailand Open 2016. Ron Heusdens lost a piece against Natalia Shestakova, but succeeded in making a draw.

These Thai children (and more) don't have a father nor a mother anymore, but got the love and some money from the participants of Thailand Open. 

10 May 2016

Ivan Trofimov consolidated his leadership in the tournament. Macadou N'Diaye, Natalia Shestakova, Ron Heusdens and Menno de Block are the runners up.
Without any doubt Fidele Nimbi and Anna Chuprova played the most exciting game of this round. They both got the prize for the best game. This is draughts like the wish of Boeddha! 
Walter Thoen won the prize for the best combination with a remarkable forcing.

Walter Thoen - Agita Marterere

White forced with 34. 49-43!, threating with the Coup Philippe: 27-22 (18x27) 32x21 (16x27) 33-29 (24x44) 43-39 (44x33) 38x16. The normal move (11-17) or (12-17) is not possible because of 27-22 (17x46) 38-32 (46x28) king! Black decided to (16-21), but couldn't save the game.

G. Bruins - Yoeri Vikulov

Last move was 8-2. Black wanted a quick draw: 62..., 22-33??; 63. 3x26, 33x20; 64. 26-3!, 20-25; 65. 2-19??,... and draw. White could win like a small "Blankenaar": 2-8! (25-48) 8-26 (48-34) 35-30 (34x25) 3-8!

9 May 2016

In the 4th round Ivan Trofimov from Russia took the lead by beating Amara Keita. Until now he won all his games and if he doesn't loss the game against Macodou N'Diaye in the next round, he has big chances to win the 2016 edition of Thailand Open. The game ended indeed in a draw.

Nattawut Upiri - Ype Feenstra

The Thai player took his best chance: 48. 30-25!, 10-14; 49.37-32!,... 
Both (17-21) and (27-31) look very oncomfortable because of 32-27 and 38-33. After (22-28) the draw is not difficult. The Dutch seaman seemed to have a good trick:
49..., 14-19(!); 50. 25x23, 22-28; 51.32x21, 28x30;
Is a quick draw unevitable? Upiri found an astonishing move:
52. 16-11!!, 17x6; 
After (17x26) 11-7 white has an easy win. 
53. 29-23!, 15-20; 54. 23-19, 12-18; 55. 21-17!, 30-35; 56. 17-12, 18x7; 57. 19-13,... and white won the game (which was analytical still a draw). Upiri won the round prize for the best game.

8 May 2016

White to move plays and wins.

Willem Vlooswijk had the day of his life with his game against Ron Heusdens. The international grandmaster made a mistake in the beginning of the game and Vlooswijk took a combination with a cheap king and 2-0 as result. Of course he won the prize for the best game of the 2nd round. Ramon Sakidin won a prize for the nicest combination and also Amara Keita got a prize for a typical African endgame trick. See Games in applet, round 2.  
After 3 rounds Ivan Trofimov and Amara Keita took the lead with 6 points. 

Special attention for Dutch draughts player Dick van Ommeren. With his age of 84 years he is the oldest participant of Thailand Open ever. And he plays very well: after 3 rounds he has 4 points and in the 3rd round he failed to win against the French referee Henri Macaux.

7 May 2016

Today the tournament has been started. Two remarkable results: Henri Macaux en Hans Loots agreed with a draw against the strong players Macadou N'Diaye and Natalia Shestakova. Macaux even missed a chance to win and Shestakova was not unlucky that a (missed) move of Loots was not winning. 
Also Gerard Bruins played a good game against Ivan Trofimov. Long time he had a better position, but in the end the Russian player took a nice, winning combination.
Henk Kamminga won the prize for the best game, which ended by a deep forcing.
The computer found a remarkable possibility in the game Thoen - Banchuen. See all the games and the annotations: Games in applet, Round 1 on the left site.
You can also see a slide show of the first round: Photographs, 2016.

6 May 2016

The cups. According to Ron Heusdens the 1st prize is too big to take as luggage in the aeroplane.

Photograph: Roy Coster 

4 May 2016


Wie gaat er nu naar Jomtien, Thailand om te dammen?

In ieder geval zon 50 dammers, onder wie Afrikaans kampioen Macodou NDiaye en Nederlands kampioen Ron Heusdens. Deze grootmeesters zijn tevens de grootste kanshebbers om het Thailand Open International Draughts Tournament 2016, dat op 7 mei in het Jomtien Garden Hotel van start gaat, te winnen. De 50 deelnemers hebben vele nationaliteiten, maar de Nederlanders zijn met ongeveer 30 man het best vertegenwoordigd.

Bijzondere aandacht gaat uit naar de tot vorig jaar totaal onbekende Thaise dammer Marut Banchuen, die in de Thailand Open editie van 2015 niemand minder dan ex-wereldkampioen Guntis Valneris uit Letland op remise hield. Dit resultaat ging letterlijk de hele damwereld over.

Het damtoernooi heeft al 12 jaar een succesvolle formule: meestal wordt er s ochtends gespeeld, waarna men s middags de gelegenheid heeft om een excursie te boeken, wat door Pattaya te slenteren of het zwembad in te duiken. En s avonds blijken zelfs de bleekneuzigste muurbloempjes te veranderen in zelfverzekerde Don Juans met soms zelfs aan meerdere armen een plaatselijke schone.

Veel deelnemers keren regelmatig terug naar het toernooi. Twee Surinaams-Nederlandse dammers hebben alle elf edities van Thailand Open meegemaakt en zijn nu uiteraard weer van de partij: Ramon Sakidin en Bas Baksoellah. Het toernooi duurt negen dagen en is te volgen op de website Het wordt al jaren gesponsord door Tulip House en Jomtien Garden Hotel.


Who wants to go to Jomtien, Thailand to play draughts?

In any case, some 50 draughts players, including African champion Macodou N'Diaye and Dutch champion Ron Heusdens. These grandmasters are also the biggest favorites for the Thailand Open International Draughts Tournament 2016, which starts at the Jomtien Garden Hotel on May 7. The 50 participants have many nationalities, but the Dutch are the best represented with approximately 30 men.

Special attention is given to the until last year totally unknown Thai draughts player Marut Banchuen, who played in Thailand Open 2015 draw against former world champion from Latvia Guntis Valneris. This result literally went all over the draughts world.

The draughts tournament has already 12 years a successful formula: one will play mostly in the morning, and in the afternoon there is the opportunity to book an excursion, or to walk in Pattaya or to swim in the hotel swimming pool. And in the night even the shyest wallflowers use to change in confident Don Juans, with one or more local beauties in their arms.

Many participants regularly return to the tournament. Two Surinamese-Dutch draughts players, will play for the 12th year in succession Thailand Open: Ramon Sakidin and Bas Baksoellah. The tournament lasts nine days and can be followed on the website It has for years sponsored by Tulip House and Jomtien Garden Hotel.

27 April 2016

In a few days the 12th edition of Thailand Open International Draughts Tournament will start in the Jomtien Garden Hotel in Jomtien/Pattaya.


3 January 2016

The provisional entry list for Thailand Open 2016 already has 40 participants. If we can double this number we are very happy.     

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