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17 May 2015


Macodou Ndiaye wins the tournament. 
Second: Guntis Valneris. Third:
Vyacheslav Varlamov. 
The organization looks back on a successful tournament with no less than ten Thai participants.

15 May 2015

Ibrahim Adiatu is the winner of Asian Open Blitz. Second is Amara Keita, third is Ruph Bhawanibhiek. There were 24 participants. Best woman: Natalia Shestakova. Best youth player: Darya Vinokurova. Best Asian player: Damrung Yuabang Sai. 

More results: see Toernooibase.

15 May 2015



We are very pleased
with the financial contribution of IJpe Feenstra to Thailand Open 2015. Without his generous gift this edition of
our tournament was not possible.

15 May 2015

Valneris in concentration for his game against the strong Thai player Marut Banchuen. Is he sure of himself?

In any case, he chooses the most reliable opening (32-28).
Edit: the game ended in a draw!

15 May 2015

Writing or sleeping? 

14 May 2015

The Shelter Center in Pattaya for homeless children received more than 60.000 baht (nearly 2000 euro) from draught players and supporters. Thanks to everybody!

14 May 2015

Two international grandmasters in action: Guntis Valneris against Macodou Ndiaye. They played a real game, it ended in a draw but it was not a typical 'grandmaster draw'.

14 May 2015

At least three remarkeble results in the 7th round: Cock van Wijk - Damrong Yuabang Sai 0-2, Marut Banchuen - Paul van der Lem 2-0 and Fidele Nimbi - Natalia Shestakova 2-0.
Tomorrow on table 1: Guntis Valneris - Marut Banchuen. The until this tournament unknown Thai player against the former world champion!

14 May 2015

White: Siravit Loha - Black: Jason Yeo
The Thai player agreed with a draw. But why? Winning is 5-28 (11-16) 25-20.

12 May 2015

White: Erik Maijenburg - Black: Patrick Casaril
White to move cannot win by 40-35, because of (16-21) 35x24 (19x30!) 28x8 (21x3). 
The easiest way to win is by 17-12! (18x7) 40-35 and resigning is the best option for black. Also wins the endgame after 17-11 (16x7) 40-35 (7-12) 35x24 (19x30) 28x17. 
The played move seems also not bad: 52. 39-33?, 30x39; 53. 33x44, but it is draw after (26-31!). See the game in applet.

12 May 2015

Former world champion Guntis Valneris from Letland has the leading position after six rounds. Today he defeated Paul van der Lem. Macodou Ndiaye did the same in a very short game. Maybe his opponent Cock van Wijk resigned too early.

White: Cock van Wijk - Black: Macodou Ndiaye
White to move resigned... Analyses will follow.
Edit: 46-41 (7-11) 27-22Z!! (18x27, still the best) 25-20 (14x34) 40x7 (11x2) 41-37 (19-23) 49-44! and white wins back the lost piece. But not Z 36-31 (in stead of 27-22), because of (17-21!) 26x17 (12x32) 38x27 (16-21!!) 27x7 (23-28) 33x22 (18x38) 43x32 (19-23!) 30x28 (8-12) 7x18 (13x44). A very nice combination!

11 May 2015

White: Hiroshi Kawaguchi - Black: Harold Jagram
Hiroshi Kawaguchi against Harold Jagram couldn't play 23-18 (12x23) 37-31 (36x27) 32x12 because of (23-29) 34x23 (24-30) 35x24 (20x7). He lost a piece after 34-29? (22-28). But there is a nice combination in this position: 23-18! (12x23) 34-29!! (23x43) 37-31 (36x27) 32x12 (43x32) 33-29 (24x33) 35-30 (25x34) 40x18 (13x22) 12-7 with chances to win the game.

11 May 2015

Patrick Casaril from Belgium lost a piece against former world champion Gulnis Valneris, but he  escaped with a draw. Therefore he got the prize of the best game of the 4th round.  

10 May 2015

White: René de Haan - Black: Marut Banchuen
The Thai player won the prize for the best combination: (13-19) 24x22 (25-30) 35x24 (14-19) 24x13 (9x47).
In the 3rd round Henk Grotenhuis ten Harkel nearly defeated GMI Macodou Ndiaye. The African player escaped with a draw.

10 May 2015

Galina Filippova

9 May 2015

Highlights of the first round.
Stehouwer took a nice winning combination against the stronger player Casaril, but couldn't win. Grotenhuis ten Harkel defeated Nimbi by a small, but nice combination. The favourites didn't make mistakes.

8 May 2015

A warm welcome to our new main sponsor Hotel-Restaurant 'Ons Moeder', for excellent Dutch and Thai food and cheap rooms in a cozy atmosphere.  
410/18, MOO 12, JOMTIEN,
TEL: (+66)-383-030-26 
MOBIL: +66-870759405

Ons Moeder is on a walking distance (app. 1 km) to Jomtien Garden Hotel.
Click on the logo or the photograph for more info.

8 May 2015

Click on the photograph for an enlarge.


5 May 2015

Important! The opening of the tournament, 8 May, 19.00 hrs is NOT in the Tulip House, but in the players hotel: Jomtien Garden Hotel on the Jomtien Beach Road. The distance between Tulip House and the Jomtien Garden Hotel is app. 500 meter walking distance, on the same (beach)road.

28 April 2015

We have a new sponsor!

NRG-events is organizing business forums in the global energy sectors to provide platforms where experts in the industry will be able to network, benchmark and exchange the latest developments and business information. Leading utilities, vendors, service & solution providers, research institutes and regulatory bodies come are coming together to discuss current and long-term challenges and best-practices. With their events they hope to contribute to a future of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with a balance in energy demand and supply.

23 April 2015

The organization is pleased with the sponsorship 'dammagazine Hoofdlijn'. Hoofdlijn is the biggest Dutch international draughts magazine and appears nine times per year. See the website

21 April 2015

Tuesday, May 12 we would like to collect money during the draughts game for charity. This is for the Shelter Center in Pattaya who takes care of children that have no parents anymore or are abandoned by their parents. There is in Thailand no government support available to help them. The Shelter Center is dependent on gifts and donations. The organization of the draughts tournament would like to do something for these children to have a bright future. Therefore we ask you to make a donation, just as last year, of 500 baht that will benefit for 100% to the Shelter Center. Click on the photograph for more info.

31 March 2015

You can still sign up for this tournament by sending an email to Andrew Tjon A Ong with your name, your nationality and - if available - your FMJD-rating.

9 March 2015

The most important goal of Thailand Open is, to offer participants a nice draughts holiday.

Until this year we have succeeded in doing it annually. But this year we are likely to get into trouble, due to the fall of the euro. The recent exchange fluctuations are out of all proportion and we have completely lost any confidence in the euro.

In the future, we will nothing announce in euros anymore, but only in Thai baht. Except the registration fee, because we pay the tournament prizes also in euros.

We even can’t wait until the next edition of Thailand Open, because without direct intervention we fear that, by the large exchange loss now, there will never be a Thailand Open anymore. That’s why we are forced to announce the hotel prices in Thai baht and not in euros anymore.

Starting today, the prices for the rooms in the players hotel of Thailand Open 2015 are as follows:

Hotel Jomtien Garden (players hotel): standard room 1500 Thai baht (THB) (+ /- € 42) and superior room 1600 Thai baht (THB) (+/- € 45). The price is for two people. If you share a room, you will pay half of the prices. As you see, comparing with European standards, the rooms remain inexpensive.

For the people who have already paid for their hotel room, the old prices will not change, so you don’t have to pay more.

Sign Up
For all events can still be registered! Everyone is welcome!
An email to is enough.

7 March 2015

Former world champion Guntis Valneris from Latvia debuts in Thailand Open. 

14 Januar 2015

Breaking news! Semi-worldchampion Jean-Marc Ndjofang from Cameroon will join the tournament.

6 December 2014

App. 60 draughts players already have shown their interest in participating in Thailand Open 2015. See 'List of participants'.

Of course, we're not sure if anyone will be there. On the other hand, we expect delegation
s of draughts players from China and Uzbekistan. And more players from the rest of the world.

Particularly at Thailand Open 2015 is that in the intervening days, four other tournaments are scheduled. Two of these are also open to non-Asian players. See 'Schedule'.

Thailand Open 2015 is a tournament for every
draughts player, strong or weak. For many draughts players is a pleasant vacation in the beautiful and versatile Thailand more important than achieving a good result. Everyone is welcome.

Contact and registration:

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