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19 May 2013
Former world champion Alexej Tsjizjov wins Thailand Open 2013!

Alexej Tsjizjov with some of his students.

18 May 2013

H. Spanjer - M. van Dijk
Martin van Dijk took a nice, winning combination against the strong player Herman Spanjer, who lives in Chang Mai, Thailand.

17 May 2013

In the afternoon
Macodou Ndiaye played against five ladies from the local laundry services click here for the slideshow..
The former African champion managed to loose all the games...

16 May 2013

B. Baksoellah - H. Meijer
Bas Baksoellah played the game of his life against International Grandmaster Hein Meijer. In this position he played 41. 24-20?,... and lost the game. But 40-35! had given a very good chance to win. For example: (14-19) 29-23 (18x20) 28-22 (17x28) 32x3 (21x34) 3-9! (13-19) 9-18! with a winning position. After 40-35! black can only make a difficult draw with (4-10), for example 39-34 (14-19) 27-22(!) (19x39) 33x44 (18x27) 35-30 (25x23) 28x8 (9-13) 8x19 (17-22) 44-39 (22-28) 32x23 (27-32) 37x28 (21-26) and white cannot win the endgame.

C. van Wijk - N. Savina
After 45. 46-41?,... black won the game by 45..., 21-27!; 46. 22x31, 13-19; 47. 23x3, 11-16; 48. 3x21, 16x47.

15 May 2013
Rest day. Time for shopping in Pattaya

14 May 2013
Former world champion Alexej Tsjizjow from Russia has the best chances to win Thailand Open 2013. In the 5th round he defeated Hein Meijer. The Dutch grandmaster was the whole game under pressure but made in the end, in a draw position, the fatal mistake.

Damrong Sai - W. Thoen
The nicest move of the day was 25..., 11-17!!; 26. 25x14, 9x20!; of Dutchman Walter Thoen. Of course 27-21? looses by a small combination, but it seems that here is another winning move. The Thai player saw no danger and played 27. 33-29?,... but after black's answer 27... 13-18!!; the white position was completely lost. 

13 May 2013
International Grandmaster Hein Meijer (Netherlands) took a nice combination on field 4.

H. Meijer - C. van Wijk

12 May 2013
Kumar Mangal won the prize for the best combination.

K. Mangal - A. Veenstra
(3x14) from black was of course a mistake.

11 May 2013
There were two surprises in the first round of Thailand Open: the draw of Bas Baksoellah against the much stronger Russian player V. Varlamov and especially the draw of Dutchman Erik Maijenburg against the former African champion Macodou N'Diaye from Senegal.

V. Varlamov - B. Baksoellah
Black has no problem at all, but decided to make a draw quickly...

Macodou N'Diaye - E. Maijenburg
Black took the combination and made a draw because white played 4x1? in stead of 4x7 with good practical chances to win. See the game. Computer program Kingsrow found a crazy way to make a draw: (6-11!) 38-32, the only chance (36-41!!) 37x46 (13-18!). Three stupid moves in a row, but easily draw! - 46-41 (4-10! etc.)

10 May 2013
Opening ceremony of Thailand Open will be in Jomtien Garden Hotel, at 19.00 h. After that we'll have the party in Tulip House, on 500 meter distance of the hotel, on the same road (Beachroad). For the photographs click here.

Jomtien Garden Resort

19 April 2013
We're happy with the participation of Macodou N'diaye from Senegal. He is an international grandmaster.

12 April 2013
The Chinese delegation, with the strongest Chinese draughts player Wei Zhou, has confirmed its participation.

23 March 2013

We're happy with the participation of Hein Meijer from The Netherlands. He is an international grandmaster. 

12 March 2013
App. 80 participants has signed up to participate in the tournament. A special welcome for Lithuanian player Justinas Jankunas, He was the silver medallist at USA Open 2012. 

13 Februar 2013
A nice photoslideshow from the first three editions (2005-2007) of Thailand Open.

6 Februar 2013
At the moment we have 76 participants signed up to participate in Thailand Open 2013. We are pleased with the debut of an Italian player: Bruno Gennaro.

10 Januar 2013
At this moment already 52 players registered for Thailand Open 2013. The organization is pleased with the registration of players from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore, Grenada and Belgium. These countries debut during this tournament.

20 November 2012
We invite all 10x10 international draughts players in the world to participate in the 9th International Draughts Tournament in Jomtien, Thailand ('Thailand Open').
The tournament will be held from 10 to 19 of May 2013 in the Jomtien Garden Hotel, 31/71 Moo 12,
Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260, THAILAND. Click here for more information.



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